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              一、情況概述:我司近期承接了一票進口食品貨物,客戶是一家無進口經驗的國內企業。該企業發貨方依托哈薩克斯坦政府補貼,全國空運出口貨物至中國各機場可享受50%-80%運費補貼?!粳F找我司訂艙可享受同樣補貼,熱線電話028-85894331郵箱:homki.leo@sharelogis.com 共勤供應鏈管理(成都)有限公司是共勤集團在成都設立的分支機構,主要是服務于四川省的外向型企業,為客戶提供全套的國際物流服務?!苛?a name="_GoBack">外,客戶在進口國外食品前未完成報關的前提要求:1.未在海關系統(進口食品化妝品進出口商備案系統)進行備案。2.未在商品的最小零售包裝粘貼中文標簽。3.也未提供中英文對照標簽和各種證書。貨物抵達后并在機場貨站停留數日也未達成放行條件,由于貨站倉儲費用較高且口岸海關通關時效要求嚴格,客戶緊急求助于我司。



              Using the special functions of bonded warehouse to deal with difficult import goods

              Scenario: we recently to undertake a ticket goods imported food, the customer is a company with no experience in import of domestic enterprises. This enterprise the shipper relying on government subsidies, the national air export goods to China airports can enjoy 50% 80% primage. (now find our booking can enjoy the same subsidies, the hotline 028-85894331 email: homki.leo@sharelogis.com with regular supply chain management (chengdu) co., LTD is a total group set up branch offices in chengdu, mainly in the service of export-oriented enterprises in sichuan province, to provide customers with a full range of international logistics services." In addition, the customer did not complete the customs clearance before import foreign food premise requirement: 1. No system in customs (import food and cosmetics import and export business for the record system) for the record. 2. In the smallest retail packaging of goods not paste the Chinese label. 3. Also did not provide a label in both Chinese and English and all kinds of certificates. The goods after arrival and stay in the airport cargo terminal for a few days also not release conditions, due to the higher cost of cargo storage and port customs clearance strict limitation, customer emergency appeal to our company.

              Solution: we immediately using the special functions of bonded warehouse: bonded storage, temporarily exempt permit, simple flow processing. After obtained the customer and bonded area customs approval, our customs declaration staff will be the goods from the airport cargo terminal into a bond, so for the customer to precious time to complete the qualification for the record, the goods labeling and so on a series of work. And calm patience to guide customers, in the preparation work and actively cooperate with the customs.

              Three, processing result: prepare for the above work, organizing and make customs declaration documents, our customs declaration staff complete import from bonded area to work in the domestic customs clearance and delivery. Won the recognition of our professional and service enterprises, and reasonable and reach the customs clearance.